Nicholas Edwards ALBUM “うわノそら” just released featuring 5 tracks arranged by Paul Ballard.


[ALBUM] うわノそら

  1. 籠鳥雲を恋う
  2. 一番好きな傷跡
  3. マイ・エブリシング
  4. 突然、桜
  5. 四半世紀

Music, ...


Paul Ballard performed “Imagine the Future” at 筑波大学 for this years 卒業式.


The song ファンファーレ co-written by Paul Ballard has been featured on Murakami Keisuke’s new EP Upstairs.


[ALBUM] Upstairs

  1. ファンファーレ (村上佳佑×クリス・ハート)
    Lyrics by 村上啓介、クリス・ハート
    Music ...


Paul Ballard’s song has been choosen as the main title track for 布施明 new album “WALK".



  1. WALK
    Lyrics by 松井五郎
    Music & Arrangement by ポール・バラード


Murakami Keisuke and Chris Hart have just released a new MV for Murakami’s Upcoming EP “Upstairs". The featured song “ファンファーレ” was co-written by Paul Ballard.

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